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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

uggg lost stuff :( and a start to summer :)

Well it looks like my wic card is totally missing. My drivers license is to torn up (courtesy of our high end dryer that shrinks the plastic) for wic to accept it and my birth certificate was ruined in last years car wreak. We have to run to the health dept and get a copy of my birth certificate, then go to the satellite  office to get me a new drivers license and then drive back to the health dept to get a replacement wic card and vouchers, and last to the groceries store to get formula. So... tomorrow is going to be a bitch.

I will be so happy when we can put Amy on whole milk here in a couple of months. She is doing so good on table food, that we rarely give her baby food anymore. Still working on her sleeping habits but I am happy to say she slept 8 hrs in her crib last night and a additional 5 with us. It was so funny this morning, she decided to wake up at 6am this morning and I was to exhausted to start the day. So we let her crawl around and talk in the bed. Well by 6:30 she was konked out lying perpendicular to me and Jake with her head by jake and her legs propped up on me. We both just laughed.

Oh another piece of news, I got to see my brother and sis this weekend, I haven't seen Katie and Alex since Amelia was 3 months old. It was wonderful! We played dance dance revolution and other games on the kinect and then played Scene It for Disney and harry potter. Yes we are all adults and still love Disney and playing X-box. I have such awesome siblings! My little bro is joining the air force and is going to  boot camp this July. I am so proud of him. My sister kate is a daycare worker and is darn good at it. I can't wait to go to Texas this summer to see my other little brother Aaron play. He has a awesome rock band called Here Lies the Hero :) In case you lost count that is 4 brothers and sisters lol.



After reuniting with Katie and Alex, my mom, little sis Jess, Amy and I all went to the thrift store and got quite a loot. Amelia has a majority of her summer clothes (12 outfits) and 2 cool new toys all for around 50 dollars!!! I am one happy mama. Then after shopping we went home and my mom taught me how to make her creamy chicken (the recipe I will share later). All in all what a great weekend!

Amy playing with her new toys :)
On another bright side, Jake finished his last final this morning and has passed all his classes with good grades. We are free for the summer, well at least from school. Jake and I are spending today relaxing and playing with our daughter. :) I mean what could be a better start to the summer!

God Bless!!!

Random pics of Amy being cute

Amy and Nee Nee

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