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Friday, September 28, 2012

My 15 month old cutie!

That's right my Amelia Bedlia, today you are 15 months of pure wonderful!

You have grown so much in one month that it just astounds me. 

You are now 25 1/2 pounds and are taller than any of the other 15 months old in our mommy and me group. 

You are talking more and more! So far your favorite words are: mom, dada, kitty, no, bye bye, and hey. 
You are going through a phase where you love to say no whether you mean it or not. 

You love to talk on the phone. All you do is babble, but you grandparents just love it!

Your favorite toys are your doll Hannah, your doll stroller, your puppy that sings and of course my IPad. It is so cute to watch you learn and play.

You adore animals! I mean it, as soon as an animal enters the room everyone else disappears. You call out to them trying to imitate the sounds they make. I love to hear you meow at the kitties.  

You have made BIG progress when it come to potty training. Mommy is so proud to say you are in pull ups and have already gone twice in the potty in the last two days!

You love books! This new and wonderful thing just make me so happy. You used to fuss during story time but now you bring me books to read to you and sit and listen. Your favorite book is Go Dog Go, and if it were up to you that is all what we would read to you. 

 You are sooo brave! You love to climb everything! We were so proud to see you climb all the way up to the biggest slide and have no fear sliding down.

You are obsessed with the outside. You love to run, stomp in puddles, play in dirt, swim in your pool, and anything that involves getting dirty and soaking up the sun. These fall days are perfect for us to spend the days outside and mommy and you love it. 

We took you to the pumpkin patch yesterday, Almost a year prior to your first visit and the difference is amazing! How did you grow so fast baby girl?

Mommy and daddy just can't get enough of your eyes, your smile, everything that is you. You brighten up our lives and we are so proud of you! Happy 15 months sweetie!

GOD BLESS! From the proudest mama on earth!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The scare of our lives!

Yesterday me and Jake had one of the worst scares of our lives. Jake was leaving to go to work and we called Amelia to come and say good bye to daddy. She ran towards us tripped and hit the corner of a door full force. The sound of the hit and her screams was sickening and terrifying. We ran to our baby and tried our best to console her. After a min she started to calm down a little, so I took the min to look at her head where she had hit. There I saw a knot and a green line on the left side of her head. I started getting really scared because before my eyes the knot was growing bigger and bigger by the second. I looked at Jake and almost at the same time we said ER. So we RAN back to the house (we were two doors down at his grandmothers house when all this happened.) I called her doctor on call and Jake called his boss. I put Amelia down to put the carseat in the car and finish and get the call back from her doctor.

I explain what happened. Her doctor said if the swelling had stopped (which it finally did) and to look for the signs of:  acting disoriented, throwing up and pupils differing from each other. No need to go to ER, she was going to be ok. I get off the phone with a sigh of relief. I go to tell Jake and there is our daughter giggling and running in the grass like nothing happened at all.



She is going to be ok!

I tell Jake what the doctor told me and we watch our daughter for the next hour. She runs, giggles, talks and is just perfect. Tears come to both of our eyes as we watched our daughter play. Oh how God is good! We prayed together, we prayed that our daughter would continue to do well, and most of all thanked him for her. As we finished we looked up at each other. Tears running down our cheeks. I knew that only God himself could match our love for our daughter. Jake call his boss and said her would be coming in after all. Jake picked Amelia up hugged her tight and kissed her goodbye.

 I watched Amelia the rest of the night. When went to bed the knot on her head was the size of a golf ball. This morning when Jake came home me and Amelia woke up and Jake and I proceeded to see how her head was doing.

The knot was GONE! All that is left is a little bruise.

I can't say this enough PRAISE GOD!!!!

Now did we overreact, probably. Are we overprotective, most likely. But she is our first and our whole world. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun with Geese!

Last Thursday I had my little Amelia and Kasen (our next door neighbor). Well needless to say  I was looking for an activity to do with both of them, that wouldn't involve staying inside all day. Since hubby had the car all day, it needed to be something I could do around where he has school.

Then it hit me! The pond! UAH has a cute pond with a ton of geese and ducks to feed. So off we went for a picnic and to feed the geese. I got to say a success! We had sandwiches and then fed the rest of the bread to the hoards of fowl that live by the pond.

She backed up the closer they got

mom that is a ugly duck!

Just finished running after all the geese and now is looking for more to chase!

watching Kasen 

beating the stick on the tree is so much fun

stay away from me you geese!

best buds :)

Amelia loved running around but was scared of the geese getting to close. Kasen had no fear! The geese would be right beside him hissing and he would laugh at them! Cracked me up! It was so much fun, I can't wait till we do this again!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

My first consignment sale!

Since I was pregnant with Amelia I was showered with clothes for her. Well now at 14 months she has officially ran out of clothes lol.. Now both of her grandmothers buy her outfits still, but it was finally time for her mama to buy her clothes for the winter. I was excited because I would be picking out all of her clothes. but also dreading it because we are low income and clothes are not cheep. I mean even at dollar general the min price is $15 a outfit! Well I started talking to my fellow mommy and me gals and they told me about the annual fall consignment sale coming up. Now I have heard of consignment shops, I have even been to one once. I wasn't to impressed by their prices though. I really don't need name brand clothes, just some that are clean, unworn and cute.
SOOOO...I am happy to say that I have attended my very first consignment sale! Also,I absolutely LOVED it! Their were so many choices at very low prices. Prices that I could actually afford, and clothes that were too cute! The first day I bought 5 outfits and a winter Jacket for Amelia at $50! Then on Saturday (50% off day) Me and my mother went back and got her 5 more outfits and 2 shirts for and a light jacket for $40! (on top of all this my mother-in-law had already bought Amy 5 adorable outfits for the holidays coming up) I am so excited to say Amelia has all the outfits she needs for this winter!

Now to show you a couple of choice favorites out of the bunch and the loot itself!

Hope you have a very blessed day!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Today I am linking up with mackey madness for Sometime and Always!

Soo here we go!

Sometimes I link up with Sometimes and Always
Always It really makes me think lol

Sometimes I am really eager for Amelia to be potty trained
Always I know she will be ready in her own time

Sometimes I am ready for my family to move out and start out on our own
Always I know God will help it to happen when the time is right

Sometimes  I look up new weird recipes online and try and think about making them
Always I end up making old favorites mmmm.... got to love that spaghetti!

Sometimes when I am holding my nephew I miss when Amelia was that small
Always I wouldn't take back who she is for nothing. I LOVE the stage she is in right now.

Sometimes I think Amelia is the smartest baby
Always I am right she is as smart as a whip ( I might me a bit partial though lol)

Sometimes I worry about if Amelia is going to have enough clothes for the winter
Always the family and consignment sales come through ^^

Sometimes I hate this whole teething thing Amelia has to go through every couple of months
Always I am really excited to see when she finally cuts one

cooking while holding a very tired teething baby
Sometimes this blog become all about Amelia
Always I remember that is part of the reason I created it

Sometimes I have really exciting news that I really want to tell the world
Always I have to see if it pans out and it is in Gods plan before I can blab
( no I am not preggo, it is something totally different : P)

Sometimes I just sit and watch my husband play and play with our daughter
Always I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Those too adorable awwwww moments!

Don't you love it when your child gives you those awww moments, that stop you in your tracks? Well I do, and Amelia gave a an ultimate adorable moment yesterday that led her to another first.

Her first DOLL!

The evening went like this. We had been at Amelia's new cousin's welcome home party, and poor Amy was in a crowded room with people she doesn't see very often, teething, hadn't had a good nap all day and had no room to play. So needless to say after 2 hours she had it. So we left and decided to go and eat. We stopped over at cracker barrel and, after she ate, let Amy run around the store. After touching all the singing toys she stopped over at the baby dolls. Now she has never had a interest in them until last night, so I was very interested to see what would happen. She saw another child playing with one and she jumped right in and started to play with them too. She rocked the baby dolls and then picked one and carried it around with her around the store. Now I usually don't just buy her anything she starts playing with in the store (or we would bee broke by now lol). But the kicker awwww moment happened... she picked up her doll...hugged it...then laid her head down on it and smiled. Oh, I had a total AWWWWWW moment! It was sold!

So Amelia now has a baby doll named Hannah and loves her.

Watching Mickey Mouse and holding hannah

Well there you go friends forever.


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