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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy day :)

Well we got ALOT accomplished today!!!

First off... THE GARDEN!!!!

The morning started off with my wonderful husband tilling our new garden. He is so very sore now. But the ground tilled mixed with cow poop and ready to go! My Father-in-law went out and bought some awesome stuff to plant: tomatoes, watermellon, cabbage, beans, corn, and pumpkins. He planted them this afternoon and we are set to see some yummy plants sprout this year :)

We then set off to get Jake's paycheck and of course had to spend 3/4 of it on bills but still love pay day :)

On our way to the doc, apparently my lipstick tube is delicious
After that we had to go to and Amelia's blood drawn again, since Monday went so horrible. Sadly this time wasn't any easier. They tried once again to draw blood from her arm and still couldn't get the veins. :( I was so tired of it all by that time, that I asked the nurse if this certain test was really necessary. In which she says that the doctor felt like she needed the test but she didn't know why, that this test is usually given to children going into daycare or school. I proceeded to tell her that Amelia is a stay at home child. So she called her supervisor and they said that the test is because my family has a history of Anemia. I wouldn't let them stick her arms anymore so they took the blood from her finger even though they "don't prefer" to do it that way. Uggg poor baby screamed the moment she saw them . I am just so happy the whole experience is over. Shots are 10x easier to take then them taking her blood for sure.

Poor baby was so worn out from crying that she immediately fell asleep in the car. So we used that time to go and get Jake's hair cut, which looks very good i might add. Then we decided to head home. We really wanted to go to the carnival today but she was so pale afterward that she needed a stay-at-home day. So we picked up dinner on the way home and had our own fun at home :) She is such a trooper as soon as she woke up, she was in a great mood. I am so proud of my baby girl!!

Last but not least, please pray for my sister in law Amanda. She was in the hospital this evening for back pain and is 5 1/2 months pregnant. They said that the baby is fine, but she is still in pain. Please pray for relief  and that the baby stays safe.

Well that's a wrap...


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