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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Family photos!!!

That's right people, as if I already don't take enough pics of us already, we also go professional pics done Friday! Also I do have to say I l-o-v-e them!!! I love seeing my daughter grow, I love seeing my family together, I just love pictures. Especially these, I mean simply adorable! Well enough of this jibber jabber! I present PICS!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

16 Months!!!!

Happy 16 months to my greatest blessing!

Oh you are growing so much Amelia. You are 26 pounds of pure love and silliness. You are so tall now a days. I can't wait till Tuesday to see how tall. All I know right now it that you are as tall as and taller than all the two year olds in your church nursery.

 You love to make faces. From sticking out that tongue to pouching out those lips. It just cracks me and your daddy up.

You are learning more words every day. You are quiet for strangers but talk up a storm when you are home with us. I can't wait to start having conversations with you. Goodness knows I need someone who can talk as much as I can. Who better than you angel?

You have discovered running this month and are starting to get it down. You love to run from your daddy when he turns into the tickle monster. The laughs and squeals that you do just light up mommy' heart. You can also make it all the way to the top of the play place! Talk about mommy's heart beating fast. But you are a daredevil with no fear.

It is starting to get cold down here and you love it. You love the outside and can stay out there all day. When it is time to go inside you try and delay it as much as possible. You walk as slow as possible and pick up everything on the way.

You favorite veggies are green beans and sweet potatoes and I am afraid they are the only veggie that you will eat right now. You LOVE fruit and especially love grapes and bananas. Such a difference than last year when all you would eat was veggies and no fruit.  You like chicken as long as it is not heavily seasoned and you favorite dish is spaghetti. Just like your daddy :)

You are reading machine right now. You bring mama the same book over and over again just to sit in her lap and soak it all up. You especially love books with animals in them and love to here the different sounds they make.

You have taken a liking to helping mama cook as well. If it needs to be stirred or not you want to stir it. I can't wait till you open your Christmas present, you could cook all day with it!

 You also are starting to try and say your flash cards. Oh I get so excited when you try and say duck and bird. You would think you said the declaration of independence. I am just so happy to see you learn.

You now have all you molars! Oh what a hard time you had with those but, just your canines left and we are done with teething!

You are such a happy baby. Unless you are hurting or sick there is almost always a smile on that face. Your smile could light up the darkest places. Mommy and Daddy are so happy you are in our lives sweetie. Keep growing and learning to be the amazing person you already are.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

What to do on a cold night

What to do on this very cold, cloudy dreary night? Why spend it wearing footie pajamas with you daughter of course!

Now on to story time, spaghetti and nice fire.

Stay warm my friends!
God Bless!

Monday, October 22, 2012

let her sleep...

It has been a sleepy last two days for my daughter. She had a 3 hr yesterday and is in the middle of another 3 hr one now. This is not normal for my hyper baby. She usually only takes 1 one hour nap. Whatever this new phase is, is making her soo sleepy. But I will not wake her, "I will let her sleep for when she wakes, she will move mountains" (or chase the cats whichever).

God Bless from a very quite household. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting back in shape!

That's right people I am trying to lose some pounds. I lost over 50 pounds during my pregnancy but now I am back to the weight I was before I got pregnant. I was not a small person before then either. In fact I was, and am now a rather big person. It really hasn't bugged me in the past. I mean it is no secret that I love food and that when I am upset, the greatest stress reliever is cooking. Also my husband has known me since I was 14 and calls me beautiful all the time. I was in great health and never had problems with diabetes or high blood pressure. I was happy and healthy   So what was the point in losing weight anyhow. 

However, as some of you know I lost my hip in a car accident in January 2011. Ever since then I have had issues with my back, hips, knees and my ankles. From my knees popping out of joint to extreme pain in my back. I have had issues. After I had Amelia a-lot of the issues calmed down, but now that I gained back the weight they have come back with a vengeance. It hasn't been easy and now that Amelia is getting older, faster, and heavier. I know that this can only get worse. 

So the solution? Lose weight. I am hoping that if I can lose 50 to 100 pounds the pain and difficulty will start to diminish. Now I know it will never completely go away, I have a fake hip for crying out loud.

This is so hard for me to write. I have never liked being told to lose weight. In fact the more people would suggest it, the more I wanted to ignore them and do what I wanted. But I have to do this. If I have any hope to keep up with my angel in the future I have to. I am also aware that it is me and my husbands responsibility to teach her to eat right as well, which involves us doing so. 

I have started the steps to this goal. We have been eating at home now 90% of the time and me and my father in law have been making healthy meals for the whole family. I have also joined a weekly walking group that walks 4-7 miles while pushing strollers 3 times a week. I started this week and it has kicked my butt. I have never pushed my hip this hard. My family and I have also been taking family walks, in this lovely fall whether. I am more sore than I have ever been in my life (even after having a baby!)  But I have to do this.

 I just wish it wasn't this hard. I know some of you are thinking oh how hard can it be. Believe me it is, I have always turned to food when I was upset. But now I am having to think of new ways to channel my stress. I am terrified to ending up in a wheel chair because of this hip, because of me. I want to be there for my daughter. I want to be able to hop scotch and play jump rope with her. I am so blessed that I can play with her today. 

Please don't judge. If anything please pray that this works and that I have the strength to do this through God.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Watching and helping your baby learn :)

We are so in a learning stage in our house. I mean I know that your baby is always learning but now Amelia is really interested in it. First of all she has come to LOVE her board books. She is always either bringing us a book or trying to read on herself. In the mist of all this reading, me and her daddy want to encourage it as much as possible. So we made her a reading nook.

Jake's mom bought us a black and white castle tent when I was pregnant with Amy (at first she was sure we were having a boy lol). Well I got that out of storage and preceded to set it up. Then me and Jake added her little couch, a cozy blanket and all her books. It is truly adorable to watch her crawl in there and try and read to herself. All the babbling just makes me smile! I am so happy to see our little girl wanting to learn.

hmmm I wonder what it tastes like?

Another awe learning moment today happened later in the morning.

She has been so adorable dancing to the songs daddy and mommy sing to her. I really didn't think she was listening to the words...until today!

We sing several songs to her from her ABC's to Jesus Loves me but lately her favorite song is Head, shoulders, knees and toes (her pink dogs sings it over and over lol)

This morning we are singing the songs to her and having a random dance party when she walks right up to me and points to my nose and says nose (which is one of her favorite words). Then she points to my eyes and says eyes. She has never said this before. Talk about a wow moment! Not only has she learned a new word, she knows what it means! I am one proud mommy :) I love having somewhere to be able to share this. :)

Needless to say, I we are going to keep encouraging and praising this wonderful new phase. I think we are also going to start buying some new puzzles and mega blocks for her to play with as well!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Gotta love this link up!



Jacob and Amy <3

Gotta keep reminding myself 
sooo cute!

every other week lol


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