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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Wonderful Water Baby!

Its official, our Daughter is a Water Baby! Which is awesome!!! Me and my hubby are such fishes when it turns summer that it couldn't be more perfect that Amelia is the same way.

 We took her to the big pool for the first time today and were prepared for disaster. I mean Amelia loves baths but is also very timid when it comes to new things and loud places. So we bought Amelia a new bathing suit and off we went to our new family adventure.

While waiting for daddy to come out of the dressing room we sat on the bleachers and Amelia kept inching her way over to the pool and looking over observing. Now that is totally an Amelia thing. She loves to observe everything. She smiled at the kids playing and looked really interested.

So daddy came out and I plunged in (the water was Freezing!) and Jake handed me Amelia.
Well as you can see she was not to thrilled.  However after a few minutes after she got used to the water and started watching all the other kids, she started to like it. By the time we had been in the water for 10 minutes she was having a BLAST! I swear i have never her her giggle more in my life. It was the best day! 

I truly believe that God placed the perfect child into our little family. Amelia is so perfect for us, she likes daddy's funny sounds and faces. She loves mommies songs. And so far everything from the squealing to her sweet and sassy personality is nothing but wonder in our eyes. And now the loves the water too! Everything that she is and will be is so perfect. I truly cannot thank God enough for the blessing her has given us!

GOD BLESS! :) :) :) :) :)

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