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Saturday, May 26, 2012

blogger break and a update :)

Yup I haven't posted in a while. I took a blogger break :)

We have been having alot of life decisions to make in our lives among other things. Things that I kinda need to keep to myself for now. However we have had a couple of funny moments in our lives lately :).

Amelia gets to watch a hour of TV while mommy does her morning chores and has decided that Sesame Street is one of her new favorite shows. And who would of guessed that Elmo is her favorite. I guess every child goes through a Elmo phase : P I am just glad that they teach numbers and colors :)

sushhhhh everyone my show is on ^.^

Amelia has just grown more and more in her personality everyday. My little girl who really didn't like to get dirty or wet, has decided that now she does like it lol. She crawled all over the garden Thursday and helped mommy plant some more watermelons. (really wish I had taken a pic).

After our dirt fun, we turned on the sprinkler to water our new plants. Amelia had decided that the sprinkler was funny and kept running up to it laughing and running away before it hit her. She ended up getting wet a couple of times, but oh what a laugh. I am so happy she is getting more exploratory, it gives us more things to discover and do together. :)

And best of all she has started bringing us books to read to her. Sooo in love with my smart girl!!!

In other news...

We are still in hiatus on when we will be able to go to Texas this summer but Jake's job is finally hiring more people. So hopefully we will know soon :)

We are so excited that our pool down the street is going to be ready soon, it will be so much easier to walk 3 doors down then to drive 30 min away to go swimming. I am looking so forward to spending the summer in the pool with Jake and Amy!

I am also really really excited that Monday is our 2 year anniversary! We are going to go to dinner and a movie. Thank you to my awesome mommy who gave us movie tickets and to Jake's parents for volunteering to watch Amelia. read Monday to see how it goes :)


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