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Monday, May 7, 2012

Good weekend :)

Well we had a good weekend.

Had the best lazy day on Friday with my hubby and Amy. We literally spent the day playing with Amy on the floor and watching chipmunk movies.

Saturday Jake had to work a double :( .  However me and Amy spent spent the day with my mom and little sister Jess. : ) We went to the mall and shopped till we dropped. Amelia walked all around every store by herself. She is so silly when she walks she looks like a mummy. I am so happy that she is getting more and more independent. We ate at my absolutely favorite restaurant Cantina Laredo. Amelia ate mahi mahi, salmon and rice for lunch. She is completely on table food now ( now to work on the bottle when she turns one lol).  We then got our eyebrows done and last went to wally world. When we got home and watched one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. It is called "The Full Monty". Honestly a hilarious movie. All and all a great day :)

Sunday, went to church of course. Amelia did great in Sunday school, She played with this 6 month old girl most of the time, soooo cute. I was told by her teacher that Amelia is so smart and most of the time she observes what the other kids do and tries to repeat. Loved the sermon this week. We are going through the book of John and I am loving it. I am hoping when Amelia gets older we can start going on mission trips. Can't wait :). Later on my mom dropped me and Amelia off at home and Amy spent the rest of the day watching monster house with her grandparents while I was grill master queen lol. I grilled some burgers with the special sauce that my father-in-law taught me how to make. They were delicious if I do say so myself. We went to nee nees and shared them with the family and had a fun time.

Well that was my weekend, Hope my and your week is just as good.


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