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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Little Trooper!

Amelia had her 9 month old check up today (yes I know she is 10 months old but last month check up turned in to a sick visit). All is well with our little angel, she is 30 inches long and 23 1/2 pounds. She is in the 93 percentile in weight and height. And her ears, eyes, throat and lungs all sound and look great! :) I honestly have to say that hearing that our child is very healthy is music to my ears. It is not like I couldn't tell that she was but to here it... ahhhh relief.  She was such a silly girl when waiting on the doctor and nurse to come in that we could not help take a video :)


Now she was sweet there, I tell you what as soon as those nurses and the doc walked in the room she squalled. But who can blame her really, every time she sees them they are either pricking, poking her or  she is terrible sick. So she really doesn't trust them lol. 

Well even though her pediatrician didn't poke at her today she ordered some one else to :( . That's right it apparently was time for Amy's blood work to be drawn for her nine month screenings. So we hop in the car and head to the lab down the street for her blood tests. Can't really complain about the wait they called us right back. The horrible part was them trying to take her blood. Now in my opinion them taking her blood is much worse than her vaccines because at least with those it is  literally a two second ordeal. No this they have to tie a big rubber band on her, which gets her fussy automatically and feel for veins. They pricked and dug both arms trying to get her vein. It was the worse. I am usually real good when she gets her shots to not freak out. But this, it was all I could do to not cry and be strong for my baby. Well even after all that mess they just could not find the vein and want us to come back Thursday :( Sooooo not looking forward to Thursday. 

We are now home and Amelia is asleep after a rough morning. 
She is such a brave wonderful child. 
So whats on the agenda for the rest of the day? Nothing. We are going to relax and hold and play with our little Amelia for the rest of the day. 

I hope all of you have a relaxing one as well :)

God Bless to you and yours!

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