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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!

To all you stay-at-home, working, wonderful, sweet moms out there...

In case you were wondering, mine was wonderful! I woke up next to the greatest mother's day gift I could ask for, my daughters smiling face. Then, we went to church with my mom and received a gift for my first mother's day, a candle and holder from my church :). Then we went at ate at a very interesting place called southern fixins. 
I had spent Friday and Saturday with my mom and sister and just loved it. Happy Mother's day mama!

Back to today :)

I came home to flowers and the most wonderful gift my my loving husband :) 
Soooo pretty!

Amy's handprints and pic! LOVED IT!!!!!

All I have to say is what a mighty good man!!!! I am blessed!!!

God Bless Everyone!!!!

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