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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Uggg stupid people and a wonderful husband and daughter!

Well haven't posted in a while. We've been busy getting Amelia better and having a rough week ourselves. But here is the catch up.

We were planning a whole lot of fun trips this month and were supposed to leave this coming up Friday on a plane but alas thanks to stupid people at Jake's job were are officially grounded to Madison for at least the next month. (Warning rant ahead) So get this, Jacob works as a security guard at a local mall and his boss and supervisors decide it would be fun to blow up MRE's at work ( those are ready to eat meals for the military). And the whole bunch of them get fired. Well that is after his previous boss got fired a month ago and 2 people quit with him. So the security task force for the mall has been cut down to half its employees. That means for all the people that are left that were actually doing their jobs have to pick up the slack until the security company can hire more people. Not only that, it also means that any vacations that were put in for the next month are null in void. So thanks a bunch you a**holes for screwing it up for the rest of us. Not only have we lost over $200 having to re-book plane tickets for another time. But you have screwed up other peoples lives as well. They are going to have the remaining bunch work double and triple shifts until all is fixed. On top of all that the mall is thinking of dropping the whole contract and if that happens all the remaining security guards will lose their jobs. All this is happening right as my husband has finals and our daughter is sick. It is just one big mess. 

Prayers please that all works out.

Well now that I got that off my chest lol. on to better subjects.

I was so down over last weeks mess that me and Jake decided to get out of the house yesterday. We went and sold our books and got 60 bucks for it. We went to a consignment store and got Amelia some adorable new clothes :).  Then Jake did the sweetest thing. He said he was going to take me out somewhere special but it was a surprise. We show up 10 min later at a Texas steakhouse! He said since he couldn't take me there next week he was going to take to the next best thing their roadhouse. He is so sweet! It just made me grin from ear to ear for him to think of me this way. 
At the road house. Can you spy Amy lol?
Then when we got home baby girl made me smile even bigger, she decided to play in the rain. Now this is a big deal, because Amelia doesn't usually like to get dirty of wet at all. but she stuck her hand out, then her arm and eventually started laughing and playing in it. 

Even though our family is having a rough patch, I can't help but thank God even more for these wonderful moments that he gives us. 

Well that's it for today folks GOD BLESS!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family garden :D

 That's right folks my family is starting a little veggie garden. I have been wanting to do this forever. I really wanted to start the garden last month, but with Amy attached to my hip lol I really didn't have the ability to do it on my own. brother-in-law came over last night and said he wanted to start one too and wanted Jake's and his fathers help. Now Jake couldn't do it with work and finals right now but I jumped in on the whole deal. My brother and sister in law wanted the garden so they could make their baby boy homemade baby food when the time comes. I would love to give my daughter fresh veggies with her meals, especially since she is almost on whole food for good now :). The whole family is excited. Were growing sunflowers, green beans, watermelons, pumpkins, black eye peas and tomatoes. This is such a fun project!

Well this morning Jared (bro-in-law) came over and me and his father started on the work. We started digging up a rectangle shaped garden and are still working on it. I worked till Amelia woke up from her nap and as much as my hip could take. After Amelia woke up I put her in some cute overalls that she got for Christmas and brought her outside for a couple of min. I couldn't stay out there long because she is still sick but I did get some cute pictures of Amy.

She is doing better today still pulling on her ears and last night wasn't ideal but she does seam chipper today :)

Well wish us good luck on the new garden, I'll keep y'all updated as it comes along.

Here are some pics of the begging :)

does not like the wheel barrel 

hmmm so this is grass

yuck it is on my hands :P

God Bless!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Eight years and counting!

For the last couple of days my husband has been studying his butt off for his chemistry test. Today he is spending around 8 hours doing a project for his engineering class and on top of all this he is having to do psychology extra tests that are required for his class. Even though he has been bogged down with work he is still helping me with Amy. The other night she was so sick and had a all nighter and he still slept down stairs on the couch, helping as much as possible. He sang her to sleep while I rocked her. 

All this got me to thinking, I write on here all the time about our wonderful daughter but haven't really introduced her wonderful father. 

He is the perfect father. He loves on our daughter all the time. I had fathers come in and out of my life when I was growing up so I know how important it is for a daughter to have a father that loves and cares for her. I tell you what, he does. He is involved in every decision in her life. In fact he named her. He sings to her every night and the smile that comes on her face when he does is priceless. No matter how busy he is, he still takes time out of his day to just play with her and tell her that he loves her.

We met in Renaissance club at 14 years old and have been in love ever since. We went on our first date over 8 years ago and now we are married, have a wonderful baby and still so in love!
We are geeks at heart and love to play video games together, watch movies, go on country walks and Renn fairs. He still calls me beautiful every day and surprises me with flowers. I feel just as in love with him as I was when we were still teenagers. I see it grow every day. 

He is our provider and is going to school so we can move on to the next chapter in our lives. He is in school to be an aerospace engineer (see geek :P). And truly is the smartest and sweetest man I know. He is very close to God and insists that we pray as a family every night. Which makes me happy since it is so important to our family :).   

God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.

Well that is my wonderful man everyone :) GOD BLESS!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quotes to cheer a mom up :)

Poor Amelia has gotten a horrible cold and the start of an ear infection. We are pretty sure she got it from the church nursery (yet another reason I am so glad she is not in daycare). We pulled an all nighter with her waking up every 30 min crying, obviously in pain. My poor baby.Needless to say the last couple of night have been rough at our house. She finally got some sleep on and off last night. As any mama knows this is one of the hardest parts of being a mama. Seeing your child sick and wanting to take all the uncomfort and pain away. Well thank God she is doing better today. I thought I would put out some quotes to you mama's out there to brighten up your day, Whether your caring for a sick child or just need a pick me up, here are some  :).

To all you moms our there, y'all are amazing women and nothing compares to the job you do raising your kids. I hope this at least brought a smile to your faces. Now some pics of my little angel:

at the docs waiting on whats wrong and cuddling with mama

awesome menthol bath to clear her up :) love her smile! 

Finally getting some sleep after being up for over 24 hours

I am happy so say that she is doing mountains better today and smiling more and more. She is such strong and wonderful daughter. I am so proud to be her mommy.

Well that's it for today. Y'all have a good one. GOD BLESS!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eggs are not only for Easter :P

Thats right folks! And here is my great realization: While Easter egg hunting with Amy, I thought that this is great for motor skills, learning colors and great for her to practice walking too. So I went to dollar general and picked up some plastic eggs for 50% off and hid them all over the house. Then I grabbed Amy's hand and led her around the house. She got the game right away! She preceded to pick up the eggs one by one and actually put them in her basket. As she picked them up, I would tell her the color of each egg. She would get so excited when she found one I couldn't help but smile along with her :) I am so proud of my big girl!
So here you go other moms out there, a common game that doesn't only have to be played on Easter.

Also for those of you looking for fun games and projects to play with your kids at home, I stumbled upon these two blogs that are just wonderful.   and :)

Well that's the buzz. GOD BLESS!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

First steps, first Easter and one happy mom!

What a great Easter! Amelia took her first steps at my mothers. She walked 4 steps to my mom and loved it. I am so proud of my little munchkin! On another note I learned how to make a killer lamb thanks to my mom. I can't wait to make it for my family next year! I had such a great time with my sister and mother this Easter. It warmed my heart that my mom kept saying that she hasn't had such a great Easter in a while. The only thing that was missing was my little brother.

After Easter at my moms, we headed to Jake's Nee-nees house for yet another Easter feast. I made a mac and cheese (which means i popped it in the oven and called it done lol) and my brother and sister in law made the rest of the feast. I gotta say it not only received the family's approval but Amelia's as well. After dinner we let Amelia rummage through her Easter baskets and got adorable pics of her in bunny ears. Then we put her back in her dress and went Easter egg hunting. Easter egg hunting is a great game as far as motor skills go. I think were going to go get some cheap eggs and try and play it again this week. Anyways, we also used this opportunity to get a 4 generational photo of Jake and his moms side.:) Here are some of the pics of our beautiful day5.

Then finally everyone relaxed. Amelia played with her new stuff and laughed at her aunt saying dog. Me and Jake held hands while rocking and watching our little bunny just be happy. I have to say I am so happy. My family is safe, together and so very blessed. All this is thanks to the Lord our savior who made all thing possible. I hope all of yalls Easters was blessed as well. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!

I just wanted to tell all you out there Happy Easter and he has risen!!!!!
Amelia went on her first easter egg hunt yesterday. Lets just say not many eggs were found but she had a blast :). She did get to see the easter bunny and thought he was the scarest thing ever and quickly squwirmed otta his arms lol. She recieved loads of complements on her dress and I am so excited to show it off to my church and home family.

On another note I am really excited about Amelia's first Easter. My mother is teaching me how to make lamb because now and have a family and need to learn how to make a traditional Easter dinner. Soooo pumped up for this. Then afterward we are going back to my husbands family and having egg dying and an easter egg hunt for Amelia, and yes another Easter feast.

Well I'm gonna go get ready for church.

I hope aall of you have a very Blessed Easter!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Diapers & Daisies: The Truths of Being a Stay at Home Mom.

Diapers & Daisies: The Truths of Being a Stay at Home Mom.: Via Google Images. Truth #1: You have to deal with a lot of shit. I mean this both metphorically and literally (gasp!). Not only will y...

This blog is one of the best! I read her all the time, and I have to say this post made my day :) I hope it makes yours.

God Bless

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Funtastic weekend!!!!

I had a great weekend! It was filled with ducks, balloons and loads of shopping :)

Friday: We had a fun experience with some baby chicks that day. Jake's Grandmother told us that there were a new shipment of them at Clarks feed and seed and they were letting kids pet them and take pics for Easter. Nee Nee was so excited to let Amelia see them, especially since she grew up on a farm. So we all piled up in the car and headed to the store. Amelia liked the chicks but I really don't think she understood they were animals. She would touch them and pull her hand back in shock lol. However we took so CUTE pics :)

Saturday: I went out with mom mama for our weekly Saturday fun. We went out for dinner for her birthday  and tried a new restaurant and it was great. We gave Amelia some fish and chicken which she loved. Of course as soon as we sat down, Amelia wanted to be picked up by her Yaya. 

After our wonderful dinner, we took her to see the big fountain at providence and she walked all the way up to it and then jumped back into my arms. Apparently the fountain was not as fun up close lol. Then we went to the mall and had fun looking at outfits. I am happy to say thanks to my mom I now have a new Easter dress. Amelia was so exhausted that she fell asleep while in her stroller. 
talk about shop till you drop : P

We did all this trying to beat the horrible storms that were supposed to hit that afternoon. (they never hit lol). But it was still loads of fun. 

Sunday: LOVED church!!! For the first time since the christening my mom and sister came with me and Amelia to church. I was so happy to have them there and the service was great. It is so nice to have a church that feels like home. The people are so genuinely nice and care for one another. They welcomed my family with open arms it made my heart happy. :) 
The only down fall to church that day was the new daycare workers. They had their 3 1/2 year old, in there with all the babies and he pushed Amelia down and gave her a bruise on her head :( and they also gave her her bottle 2 hours early... ugggg I was to say the least annoyed. But hopefully next week will be better. 

Later in the day Jake had a meeting at work that he required to go to so me and Amelia tagged along and decided to go walking while daddy worked :) It was such beautiful day  and we walked up and down bridge street for over an hour. I am determined to strengthen up this hip. And the walk was nice too. When Jake got out we went on a family walk around with him too. We stopped at the man making balloon animals and got Amelia a teddy bear. She played with it and it didn't pop! I know i was surprised too lol .

Well the only other thing to report is we have now had to lower Amelia's crib. I walked in at naptime yesterday and there she was standing up and very close to falling over. So daddy lowered it and also for the first time in 4 days she slept 8 hours straight and she was in her crib!!! Talk about a happy mommy and daddy :)

Well that's the catch up lol


sweet quite moments :)

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