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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Uggg stupid people and a wonderful husband and daughter!

Well haven't posted in a while. We've been busy getting Amelia better and having a rough week ourselves. But here is the catch up.

We were planning a whole lot of fun trips this month and were supposed to leave this coming up Friday on a plane but alas thanks to stupid people at Jake's job were are officially grounded to Madison for at least the next month. (Warning rant ahead) So get this, Jacob works as a security guard at a local mall and his boss and supervisors decide it would be fun to blow up MRE's at work ( those are ready to eat meals for the military). And the whole bunch of them get fired. Well that is after his previous boss got fired a month ago and 2 people quit with him. So the security task force for the mall has been cut down to half its employees. That means for all the people that are left that were actually doing their jobs have to pick up the slack until the security company can hire more people. Not only that, it also means that any vacations that were put in for the next month are null in void. So thanks a bunch you a**holes for screwing it up for the rest of us. Not only have we lost over $200 having to re-book plane tickets for another time. But you have screwed up other peoples lives as well. They are going to have the remaining bunch work double and triple shifts until all is fixed. On top of all that the mall is thinking of dropping the whole contract and if that happens all the remaining security guards will lose their jobs. All this is happening right as my husband has finals and our daughter is sick. It is just one big mess. 

Prayers please that all works out.

Well now that I got that off my chest lol. on to better subjects.

I was so down over last weeks mess that me and Jake decided to get out of the house yesterday. We went and sold our books and got 60 bucks for it. We went to a consignment store and got Amelia some adorable new clothes :).  Then Jake did the sweetest thing. He said he was going to take me out somewhere special but it was a surprise. We show up 10 min later at a Texas steakhouse! He said since he couldn't take me there next week he was going to take to the next best thing their roadhouse. He is so sweet! It just made me grin from ear to ear for him to think of me this way. 
At the road house. Can you spy Amy lol?
Then when we got home baby girl made me smile even bigger, she decided to play in the rain. Now this is a big deal, because Amelia doesn't usually like to get dirty of wet at all. but she stuck her hand out, then her arm and eventually started laughing and playing in it. 

Even though our family is having a rough patch, I can't help but thank God even more for these wonderful moments that he gives us. 

Well that's it for today folks GOD BLESS!

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