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Monday, May 28, 2012

What a wonderful day :)

(warning lots of pics :P )

2 Years ago today I married my best friend of 6 years. He is sweet, kind, christian, strong, brave, smart, and he is my soul mate. I can not thank God enough for joining us together. 
We had the most wonderful day :)
It all started with a new sprinkler for Amelia and a whole lot of fun for the our family. She was a little scared of it at first but then jumped right in with me and her daddy. 

Next we headed to the movies to see The Avengers. Yes we are geeks, but hey we met at a renaissance club what did you expect :) I have to say I am so geeking out over the movie. It was better than all the other movies combined. The best part is that I got to spend that alone time with my hubby. 

We spent the end of our day with the family eating cookie cake and loving on our wonderful Amelia. I can't believe our love has made someone has sweet has our Amy.

Today was truly one of our best anniversaries yet! I cant wait to see what plans God has in store for us. :) 

Hope all of you have had a wonderful memorial day, I know I have :)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

blogger break and a update :)

Yup I haven't posted in a while. I took a blogger break :)

We have been having alot of life decisions to make in our lives among other things. Things that I kinda need to keep to myself for now. However we have had a couple of funny moments in our lives lately :).

Amelia gets to watch a hour of TV while mommy does her morning chores and has decided that Sesame Street is one of her new favorite shows. And who would of guessed that Elmo is her favorite. I guess every child goes through a Elmo phase : P I am just glad that they teach numbers and colors :)

sushhhhh everyone my show is on ^.^

Amelia has just grown more and more in her personality everyday. My little girl who really didn't like to get dirty or wet, has decided that now she does like it lol. She crawled all over the garden Thursday and helped mommy plant some more watermelons. (really wish I had taken a pic).

After our dirt fun, we turned on the sprinkler to water our new plants. Amelia had decided that the sprinkler was funny and kept running up to it laughing and running away before it hit her. She ended up getting wet a couple of times, but oh what a laugh. I am so happy she is getting more exploratory, it gives us more things to discover and do together. :)

And best of all she has started bringing us books to read to her. Sooo in love with my smart girl!!!

In other news...

We are still in hiatus on when we will be able to go to Texas this summer but Jake's job is finally hiring more people. So hopefully we will know soon :)

We are so excited that our pool down the street is going to be ready soon, it will be so much easier to walk 3 doors down then to drive 30 min away to go swimming. I am looking so forward to spending the summer in the pool with Jake and Amy!

I am also really really excited that Monday is our 2 year anniversary! We are going to go to dinner and a movie. Thank you to my awesome mommy who gave us movie tickets and to Jake's parents for volunteering to watch Amelia. read Monday to see how it goes :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Wonderful Water Baby!

Its official, our Daughter is a Water Baby! Which is awesome!!! Me and my hubby are such fishes when it turns summer that it couldn't be more perfect that Amelia is the same way.

 We took her to the big pool for the first time today and were prepared for disaster. I mean Amelia loves baths but is also very timid when it comes to new things and loud places. So we bought Amelia a new bathing suit and off we went to our new family adventure.

While waiting for daddy to come out of the dressing room we sat on the bleachers and Amelia kept inching her way over to the pool and looking over observing. Now that is totally an Amelia thing. She loves to observe everything. She smiled at the kids playing and looked really interested.

So daddy came out and I plunged in (the water was Freezing!) and Jake handed me Amelia.
Well as you can see she was not to thrilled.  However after a few minutes after she got used to the water and started watching all the other kids, she started to like it. By the time we had been in the water for 10 minutes she was having a BLAST! I swear i have never her her giggle more in my life. It was the best day! 

I truly believe that God placed the perfect child into our little family. Amelia is so perfect for us, she likes daddy's funny sounds and faces. She loves mommies songs. And so far everything from the squealing to her sweet and sassy personality is nothing but wonder in our eyes. And now the loves the water too! Everything that she is and will be is so perfect. I truly cannot thank God enough for the blessing her has given us!

GOD BLESS! :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

fun at the fair in pics :)

So I want to type all about our weekend however I am a little preoccupied with my little angel :)

Sooo since I only have one hand to type lol here it is in pics 

the only ride Amy would do :)
her auntie Jess won Amy a dog

We had loads of fun!!! Hope yall have a good one.

God Bless!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy day :)

Well we got ALOT accomplished today!!!

First off... THE GARDEN!!!!

The morning started off with my wonderful husband tilling our new garden. He is so very sore now. But the ground tilled mixed with cow poop and ready to go! My Father-in-law went out and bought some awesome stuff to plant: tomatoes, watermellon, cabbage, beans, corn, and pumpkins. He planted them this afternoon and we are set to see some yummy plants sprout this year :)

We then set off to get Jake's paycheck and of course had to spend 3/4 of it on bills but still love pay day :)

On our way to the doc, apparently my lipstick tube is delicious
After that we had to go to and Amelia's blood drawn again, since Monday went so horrible. Sadly this time wasn't any easier. They tried once again to draw blood from her arm and still couldn't get the veins. :( I was so tired of it all by that time, that I asked the nurse if this certain test was really necessary. In which she says that the doctor felt like she needed the test but she didn't know why, that this test is usually given to children going into daycare or school. I proceeded to tell her that Amelia is a stay at home child. So she called her supervisor and they said that the test is because my family has a history of Anemia. I wouldn't let them stick her arms anymore so they took the blood from her finger even though they "don't prefer" to do it that way. Uggg poor baby screamed the moment she saw them . I am just so happy the whole experience is over. Shots are 10x easier to take then them taking her blood for sure.

Poor baby was so worn out from crying that she immediately fell asleep in the car. So we used that time to go and get Jake's hair cut, which looks very good i might add. Then we decided to head home. We really wanted to go to the carnival today but she was so pale afterward that she needed a stay-at-home day. So we picked up dinner on the way home and had our own fun at home :) She is such a trooper as soon as she woke up, she was in a great mood. I am so proud of my baby girl!!

Last but not least, please pray for my sister in law Amanda. She was in the hospital this evening for back pain and is 5 1/2 months pregnant. They said that the baby is fine, but she is still in pain. Please pray for relief  and that the baby stays safe.

Well that's a wrap...


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

short and sweet :)

Just a short and sweet blog today.

We went and registered Amelia for mommy and me swim classes and Jake for fall classes. We are happy those are outta the way.

We tried to take Amelia on her first big pool trip today and were thwarted by the swim team.

We are really asking for prayers for God to guide us on the right path for our family. And it is weighing heavy on my mind. I pray that he sets a clear path for us.

Last but defiantly not least... our BIG news...

For the first time ever Amelia slept all night in her crib! 10 1/2 hours of pure wonderful sleep!!! No cio method she was just ready : D I am so very proud of my big girl!

Well that is it for the day, like I said short and sweet.


random pic from a play-date with the neighbor

so cute the both of them :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Little Trooper!

Amelia had her 9 month old check up today (yes I know she is 10 months old but last month check up turned in to a sick visit). All is well with our little angel, she is 30 inches long and 23 1/2 pounds. She is in the 93 percentile in weight and height. And her ears, eyes, throat and lungs all sound and look great! :) I honestly have to say that hearing that our child is very healthy is music to my ears. It is not like I couldn't tell that she was but to here it... ahhhh relief.  She was such a silly girl when waiting on the doctor and nurse to come in that we could not help take a video :)


Now she was sweet there, I tell you what as soon as those nurses and the doc walked in the room she squalled. But who can blame her really, every time she sees them they are either pricking, poking her or  she is terrible sick. So she really doesn't trust them lol. 

Well even though her pediatrician didn't poke at her today she ordered some one else to :( . That's right it apparently was time for Amy's blood work to be drawn for her nine month screenings. So we hop in the car and head to the lab down the street for her blood tests. Can't really complain about the wait they called us right back. The horrible part was them trying to take her blood. Now in my opinion them taking her blood is much worse than her vaccines because at least with those it is  literally a two second ordeal. No this they have to tie a big rubber band on her, which gets her fussy automatically and feel for veins. They pricked and dug both arms trying to get her vein. It was the worse. I am usually real good when she gets her shots to not freak out. But this, it was all I could do to not cry and be strong for my baby. Well even after all that mess they just could not find the vein and want us to come back Thursday :( Sooooo not looking forward to Thursday. 

We are now home and Amelia is asleep after a rough morning. 
She is such a brave wonderful child. 
So whats on the agenda for the rest of the day? Nothing. We are going to relax and hold and play with our little Amelia for the rest of the day. 

I hope all of you have a relaxing one as well :)

God Bless to you and yours!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!

To all you stay-at-home, working, wonderful, sweet moms out there...

In case you were wondering, mine was wonderful! I woke up next to the greatest mother's day gift I could ask for, my daughters smiling face. Then, we went to church with my mom and received a gift for my first mother's day, a candle and holder from my church :). Then we went at ate at a very interesting place called southern fixins. 
I had spent Friday and Saturday with my mom and sister and just loved it. Happy Mother's day mama!

Back to today :)

I came home to flowers and the most wonderful gift my my loving husband :) 
Soooo pretty!

Amy's handprints and pic! LOVED IT!!!!!

All I have to say is what a mighty good man!!!! I am blessed!!!

God Bless Everyone!!!!

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