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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

short and sweet :)

Just a short and sweet blog today.

We went and registered Amelia for mommy and me swim classes and Jake for fall classes. We are happy those are outta the way.

We tried to take Amelia on her first big pool trip today and were thwarted by the swim team.

We are really asking for prayers for God to guide us on the right path for our family. And it is weighing heavy on my mind. I pray that he sets a clear path for us.

Last but defiantly not least... our BIG news...

For the first time ever Amelia slept all night in her crib! 10 1/2 hours of pure wonderful sleep!!! No cio method she was just ready : D I am so very proud of my big girl!

Well that is it for the day, like I said short and sweet.


random pic from a play-date with the neighbor

so cute the both of them :)

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