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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent and what I am giving up.

I have been toiling and toiling over what I am going to give up for lent. Then it hit me as I got on face book for the fifth time today. I should to give up social media. I love  social media and to be honest I spend way to much time checking it all day. I have decided to instead to devote that time this lent season to spending more time:
Praying and talking to God
Reading the bible
Reading to my daughter and teaching her about God
And spending time with my family in general.

I really think this is going to be a big challenge for me. But I also think it is worth it.

So here's to y'all! I hope all of you have a great valentines day and  I will see ya on Easter!



God bless!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Those unforgettable moments...

You know those, those good or bad moments that just seem to just stick with you. I had one of those this week.

It all started with a broken toilet seat. If any of you women out there have ever sat on a cracked toilet seat , you know the pinch it gives your tush, is a real pain. So since my husband was at school until 10:30 pm, it was up to me to do this handy job. Yes I was going to change out that toilet seat! Little did I know what a hassle it would be. I thought you could just pop off the old seat and pop on the new. Nope I had to unscrew the old seat. Well while I am doing this mildly disgusting job, my darling daughter was playing in her play room, or so I thought. Nope in the 3 minutes it took me to take off the old seat, Amelia had managed to find a pen, climb onto my in-laws bed ( easily 3 feet off the ground) and draw all over herself (all while trying to mess with our grumpy cats). After my mini heart attack, I preceded to take the pen away from my little Picasso and run the shower.  Then I go to take off Amelia's diaper and surprise she has pooped and it is now all over my arm. You moms know by the time your children are 19 months old, their poop doesn't even make you flinch anymore. Never the less, I wiped Amelia and myself off, plop Amelia in the shower, sanitized my arm and finished replacing the toilet seat. At this point I am exhausted. Also it being the end of a very long day, I am just about out of patience. I quickly put lotion on my daughter and put her pajamas on her. Just before I am about to get ready to take Amelia down stairs she surprises me. She brings me her rainbow machine ( It is a metal lamb that projects rainbows on the walls). I turn it on for her and turn off the lights, thinking this will give me enough time to put on my pajamas. Then it happens...
She lies down and pats the carpet beside her and says
 "Mommy mere?" ("mere" means come here)
I am not going to lie I cried, the world stopped and my heart soared! She called me mommy! She has always called me mom. Ever since she could talk she called me mom. But to hear my little angel call me mommy.  I just hugged that little girl and told her yes mommy will come here. I laid down beside her and we watched the lights. She calls them stars and we oood and awwed for a while just spending time together.

What started out as a bad night filled with poop, turned into a moment I will never forget. The first time my daughter called me mommy. I know its sappy but it is really one of the most memorable moments of my life so far. So for all you mamas out there having a no good, rotten day/week just know when we least expect it those moments can sneak up on you and make it all worth it.


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