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Monday, January 28, 2013

19 Months!!!!!!

Amelia you are 19 months old! I can't believe how much you are growing not only physically, but mentally as well. It has been like a brain explosion!

First snow!

Words you know to date:

  •  Bless you
  •  eyes
  •  nose 
  •  toes
  •  thank-you
  •  hello 
  • dog
  • no
  • duck
  • moo
  •  meow
  •  bye
  •  mom
  •  dad
  •  paw paw
  •  yucky
  • fish
  • Uh oh 
  • Wow
  • Stop

That's 20 words Amelia! I can't believe it! On top of that when you are not saying these 20 words you are babbling and trying to talk to us. You also love to read to us and love it when we read to you. You my little angel are going to be a talker alright. :)

Now drinking out of a straw cup!

Potty training: You are doing well potty training. We are taking the slow and easy approach. We are hoping to have you in panties by 2 years old. So far you have no issues going both poop and pee in the potty ( I know embarrassing right?  Well Amy when you are a mom you will see how amazing it really is lol). You only go in the big potty and you don't really care for the little potty. Hey one step skipped, mommy isn't

You have your first pet and fish named Bama the Beta! You feed him every other day and love to talk to him!

Sleeping:  From 1 month old we had a bed time routine down pat: 7 pm bath,  in bed by 8:30 pm and up by 6:30 am. Usually sleeping in bed with us by 2 am.  Oh but baby this month you have decided that is not for you. You refuse to go to bed any earlier than 10 pm and because of your sensitive skin only get a bath  every other night. You don't wake up until 7:30 to 8 pm on most mornings.You have also went from two 45 minute naps, to one 2-3 hour nap!  I would complain about this new late night bed time, except for one now sleep through the night!!!! You rarely get in bed with mommy and daddy anymore and while mommy misses your snuggles at night, she is so incredibly proud of you!

Eating: Veggies! You have come to love broccoli and cheese, steamed carrots, and green beans. You love your V8 fruit and veggie juice. And as always you L-O-V-E fruit, meat and bread! You have also come to love eating whole apples. We usually have no problems what so ever with you eating. When your hungry you eat and when your not you don't (except when it comes to chocolate lol but hey who doesn't love chocolate.)

Socially: You are a doll. You love to play with other kids and are the sweetest thing! You share very well and you are also very patient when it comes to others taking a toy away from you. I always get such a good report when you go to the church nursery. It makes my heart soar when I hear that you are the sweetest one in the class. I heard that a child pushed you down at church yesterday and you fussed for a couple of seconds and walked away. The workers were so impressed. You are a dream!

Birthday party for a friend

Separation anxiety: Has finally abated. You from 3 months old have been attached to mommies hip. I am proud to announce that you are no longer as scared when mommy is out of your sight. While it is bitter sweet that you no longer want just mommy, it is also a big relief. Mommy has been able to go out on mommy's night out, dates with daddy and just been able to take a nap by herself every once in a while. You will now even say bye to me when I leave now.

playing with daddy while daddy while mommy is out on a mommies night out :)

Height and weight: I really don't know. I will have to update this post Thursday after your 18 month doctors appointment.

Playing: Oh you love to play. I mean what do you expect your 19 months old. You love your kitchen, your farm, your vanity and building with you mega blocks! I love to watch you pretend and figure things out. I also love our tea parties. You are so fun baby girl!

As always you are our biggest and best blessing and I can;t wait to see you grow more and more this month! We love you!!!!

--- Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Toddler room Ideas..hmmm....

Yup we are getting to that milestone. The one where Amelia is needing a toddler room instead of a nursery. We have begun trying to climb out of our crib  and it is time to convert to a toddler bed. Right now her room is done in baby stuff and mostly Winnie the Pooh. Now the question is what to change her room into. Her nonnie has already got her a beautiful sign that says Princess in distressed pink, so I know we are defiantly going pink here. I am obviously thinking princess but I don't want characters (you know like sleeping beauty and ariel). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Disney, but who want to be in a room where everywhere you look there is someone else looking at you? Not me. So I am looking for something that is more simple but girly.

Here is her current nursery(well a older picture of it when it is all fixed up lol):

Pretty right? Ya I think so. :)

But now I am looking for new decor and bedding to turn that into a pink girly toddler princess room. Yes I may be a little excited about this.

Now I am not looking at beds or furniture, just a new blanket, bedding set, curtains and rug. Her bed turns into a toddler bed and her furniture is super sturdy and will grow with her.

Here are some ideas I am looking at:

Well tell me your opinion. Do you like it? 


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