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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday madness!

Haven't posted in a while, I have been so "busy" lol to post. Lots going on.

For one we are still alive, we almost had a tornado touch down on our street. My daughter was so brave though, she smiled the whole time :) God watched over my family on Friday and I am so grateful. He is an Awesome God!

Thursday we had such a nice day, we took Amelia to the park for the first time and on a one mile walk too. I really can't wait till spring and summer comes, I can't wait till I can dress Amy in her dresses and rompers. I am so ready for the triple layers of clothes to end. I also can't wait until I can take her out to the park more.

Friday (on top of all the tornados) Amy cut her front top left tooth! Three teeth down and many more to go. I am also excited to say she is doing so good trying new foods. Yesterday she had salmon and liked it! She is getting so big and more wonderful everyday!

Saturday we spent all day with my mother and had a great time! I love our weekends, we shop,eat and rent movies. 

Last we went to church this morning. It is so nice to have a church where you feel like you belong. :)

Well that's the catch up...GOD BLESS!

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