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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amy Update :)

Amelia is looking and feeling lots better! She still hasn't gotten a fever and the cough is continuing going away :)
She actually slept 9 Hours last night, in her crib (that's a big deal for our little family lol)! She has decided that she doesn't want to eat every 3 hours any more (yay!) she now eats with me and her daddy.

Breakfast: Oatmeal and a 8 oz
Lunch: Veggie and a 8 oz
Dinner: veggie and a 8oz and tries what ever me and her daddy are eating

She is trying so hard to walk, she plays on her push and go walker all the time and has learned to pull up on the couch and walk that way as well.

Yesterday she cracked me and her daddy up, she fell on her fanny while playing on her push and go walker and decided that she would watch tv through the holes of the toy.

I so proud of me little angel! She is smarter and more beautiful everyday!

Well that's all for today! GOD BLESS : )

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