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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New plans, and a long fun post :)

Well I know i promised zoo pics but alas we didn't get to go this week. Our car decided to give us problems so we got it fixed instead. I know, I was really disappointed too. However it all turned out for the best. We still had a blast hanging out with each other this week. We bought Amy some more summer clothes and some more necessities. We got Jake a new game from game stop. LOVE Gamestop you can trade in old games and pay min for the new game, which comes in handy for a gamer like my husband : ).
 Any way, we had dinner with some new friends and it was a blast meeting them. They had two beautiful daughters. And we are going to cook out with them this summer.
 I also got to have lunch with a couple of old friends of mine I've known since middle school. I have to say it was really neat to see what path all our lives have taken since we graduated. It was really a great visit. I told them how I admired them for going into nursing school and they told me how they admired me for being a stay at home mom. You have no idea how nice it was to hear that outta my friends. They looked and treated me just as successful as they are. It made me realize that success is different for everyone. All I know is that I am a darn good mom and this is my lot in life, to raise my daughter right and in the right environment. Not ragging on all of you working moms, especially the ones raising their little ones on their own. But as for me and mine this is exactly where I need to be, supporting  my husband and raising my daughter in a non daycare environment.
Back on subject lol. Even though it was spring break Jake still had to go to work :( but me and Amelia ended up seeing my mother. I love spending time with my mom. Even though we have had rough times in the past, we are now as close as ever. We went shopping galore and even bought a new camcorder/camera to take videos of Amelia (especially since she is so very close to walking gotta get those first steps on camera :)). We ate at Cheddars and I do have to say Amy LOVED the chicken,fish and rice! She is getting closer and closer to eating table food and ditching the purees. We headed to see my lil sis and low and behold I locked my moms keys in her car. Uggg after I fixed that 65 dollar mess, I only got to spend the last 30 min with her. I missed her so much. She was in rehab and is now doing mountains better. I cant wait for all of us to start going to church together :). Last we went to wally world and got my a memory foam mattress for my mothers house. Since my wreak I cant sleep on anything else. We went home and had a relaxing evening. My mom is so awesome that she bathed Amy so I could get long hot shower. Any mom knows that that is a treasured thing ^^.
Sunday was just as wonderful as Saturday because me and Jake had a date night!!! Depending on money we like to have one once a month. Thanks to my dads Christmas gift (a Monaco gift card) we got to go and see The Hunger Games!

We both read the books and the movie was very good. I do have to day though it is harder to watch a movie when you read the book because you cant help but constantly compare. We had a romantic dinner of taco bell (all we can afford lol). All in all, it was so wonderful to spend some alone time with my love. He really is my other half.

Monday we went to pick up my sister and take her out on a beauty day. She is doing so much better and I loved seeing her again. Me and mom went and ate at my favorite restaurant, Cantina Loreado. I had the best salmon and Amy loved it to lol. I can eat their table top guacamole forever. they make it right there infront of you with fresh ingredients. mmmmmm.
The only thing left to report is Amy officially has her fifth tooth! Poor baby has been up for the last couple of nights with teething. She is getting them like crazy. But hooray the tooth finally cut :)

Well that's my catch up : P


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