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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent and Sippie cup success :)

First off we have been trying on and off for a month to get Amelia to try a sippie cup and 2 days ago we finally had success. She loves it and uses it everyday. Now all she drinks is water for right now. She is still drinking around 4 bottles  a day and is eating 3-4 little meals a day with her water (juice is too sugary and she cant have milk till she is one). She is getting so big and is so close to walking it is crazy. My sister-in-law suggested we mush up whatever we are eating that night, we tried it with roast beef and veggies and no success yet but we shall keep trying. Especially since she is so interested in what were eating lol.

On another important topic...lent :)

This year for lent I am giving up sodas. Which is a big deal for me, ever since I have left my parents house i have gone crazy over sodas. You see we were only aloud to have sodas on very special occasions and after I flew the coop I drink them all the time. I now only going to drink water and milk for lent.

Also for lent, I am going to read and explain to Amelia a bible story every day (on top of her bedtime stories). And pray together as a family  when we get up and go to bed.  Me and Jake are excited about this becoming  a new tradition for our family every year on lent.

Last I want to spend at least 30min to an hour a day reflecting on all God has given me and trying to find ways to give back, from giving diapers to needy moms to giving blood.

Well that's all for today y'all, God Bless!

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