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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I know it sounds chiche, but i really do wish babies came with a instruction manual.

As you know I have a wonderful daughter who is my whole world right now. Well being a first time mom I really have no idea how to feed a seven month old, who doesn't want a bottle, however doesn't quite get the whole sippy cup thing. I mean really, the whole bottle thing was easy, give them this many ounces every three hours. But now she is refusing a bottle! She soooo wants to eat what ever me and Jake are eating that night, however only has two teeth. So far ( as far as "real" food goes) she has tried the lil graduates snacks, a tiny bit of chicken and a little ground beef. She loves to eat Gerber's vegetables and hates fruit. (we also have found that as a special treat she  l-o-v-e-s   ice cream).My issue is how do you know what your feeding your 7 month old is enough. I keep asking my self : Is she getting enough protein? fluids? fruit? On top of it all she only will drink out of a sippy cup if the regulator is out of the spout, which causes a HUGE mess. She might as well drink out of an open cup (which she loves too). We tried fruit today, and it was somewhat of a success, she ate it, but shivered after every bite. It is really a guessing game as far as what to feed her.

I do think though, I have finally found a solution to our sippy cup issue. I saw this in parent magazine and thought that is is perfect for Amelia. 

It has a no spill design and only dispenses liquid if they push down on the sides :)  Ya I thought it sounded cool too : P

Well wish us good luck. I know that this issue is just the start of many first time mom bumps in the road to go lol.

  Oh, And for good measure a picture of my lil angel drinking out of a cup ^^

Have a good one!

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