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Friday, August 10, 2012


We took Amelia to her first trip to Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN. (One of my favorite malls!)

Here is our mini vacation in pics :)

First we went to eat at this neat restaurant

Amy's first look at a aquarium!

mom, look fish!

Amelia and her Nonnie (Jakes mom)

She loved the fish!

Daddy telling her all the fish names.

After we ate at the super cool aquarium restaurant, we walked for a good 45 min. Then we decided to stop for a play break. They had the neatest kids area!

Next, we met up with Nonnie and Grandpa for shoe shopping and  Amelia thought it would be funny to steal the shoes.

lil goob!

Then we threw money into the Rainforest Cafe hippo fountian!

The money goes to a wildlife fund :)

Last we rode the carousel

The trip was super fun and I love that mall! I can't wait till we can go again!!

Sorry, the post is short but a mama's got to sleep lol


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