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Friday, August 24, 2012

"Bye bye!"

No I am not quitting the blogger world. I just wanted to share my baby girls new word. She surprised us this week with saying bye bye clear as day. It was seriously a "wait did she really just say that?" moment. Then again yesterday she surprised us by saying "thank you" to our waiter. We could not believe it. I am such a proud mommy right now. My baby girl is growing up so fast. She is growing smarter and sweeter each each day.  She is our little genius. Yes I know every parent thinks that about their baby. But to watch her learn and grow is simply amazing! She trys to brush her own hair and put on her own socks and shoes. She loves to play phone ( anything and everything can become a phone lol). She loves to take things apart and put them back together. Her language is growing every day.

So far she says:
Thank you
No no

The list is growing every day! :)

I am also proud that she tries to communicate what she wants by pointing instead of getting frustrated.  Most of the time we can figure out what wants. I love the smile we get from her when we
understand what she is asking for.  Communicating is becoming easier and easier everyday.

This is one happy mama, proud of her little angel!


  1. Aw that's so exciting! I love when Chloe says hi and bye its so cute!!


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