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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Home made finger paint time!

I decided that (because of car troubles) since we couldn't go to toddler story time, we would do something fun instead. Sooo, Homemade finger paint it was :) I found the recipe online and just did my own version.

I used 1/2 flour and 1/2 water and put it in a bowl and stirred it until mostly smooth
Then I strained it into 5 bowls
Last I added food coloring

See super easy!

I then put out paint brushes and made them each a poster to paint on

hmmm mama these are for the water not the paint

I saw the poster idea on Pinterest. You put electrical or painters tape on the smooth side of the poster with any design you please. Then when let the toddlers paint away and when the paint is dry, peel it off and you still have the design. 
Neat right?
Well apparently not for these toddlers. They decided that painting them selves would be alot more fun : P. 
I do have to say it made for some cute pics!

hmmm what's this?

mom it's squishy!

oooo we can paint ourselves

mom look what happens when I mix the colors!

Amelia and her friend Kasen were covered by the end and laughing up a storm.
And since they were already in their swim diapers, I just set up the baby pool for them to rinse off. 
So much fun and super easy to clean up. What more can a mom ask for :)



  1. What a great idea, I bet Chloe would love this!! These pictures are adorable too! Did they get any on the poster lol?

  2. Thank-you! And no they didn't. I kept trying to direct them to the posters and they totally ignored me lol.


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