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Monday, August 27, 2012

14 months!

Oh my wonderful daughter, I can't believe you are 14 months old tomorrow. You light up the world around you and are our most precious treasure.

You are so talkative and love coming up with your own silly and unique sounds. You surprise everyone with the words and sometimes even phrases you say out of the blue. Why even yesterday you told your great grandma " I love you" and the room gasped.

You are so sweet and love to be cuddled and hugged. You show your love to others by giving a pat on the back. You still love to be rocked to sleep for naps and bedtime, but secretly mommy still loves that so much.

You and your daddy have the silliest and cutest way of playing together that I just can't help but sit back and laugh my heart out. His eyes sparkle when he here's you laugh. He gives you a bath and sings to you every night. It melted my heart tonight, when he sang " I'll love you for always".

Your favorite book is "Go Dog Go". You love the pictures and you have always loved dogs.

You are still in 2t clothes but have completely out grown all of your 18 months. You are in size 5 shoes and only tennis shoes will hold up to your playfulness.

Your favorite game is peek a boo and your favorite toy is a stroller. You can play both for hours.

You have come to love fruit, just about all fruit but your favorite is watermelon. You are not a fan of veggies but love green beans. And you like fish, are allergic to shrimp, and love chicken. Last even though you have only had it 3x in your life, you love chocolate cake.

You love Aquariums! You just can't tear yourself away from wathcing those fish swim around. That is why tomorrow, to celebrate you turning 14 months old, we are taking you to the Tennessee aquarium and I can't wait to take loads of pics of you.

Happy 14 months my little blessing.


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