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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quotes to cheer a mom up :)

Poor Amelia has gotten a horrible cold and the start of an ear infection. We are pretty sure she got it from the church nursery (yet another reason I am so glad she is not in daycare). We pulled an all nighter with her waking up every 30 min crying, obviously in pain. My poor baby.Needless to say the last couple of night have been rough at our house. She finally got some sleep on and off last night. As any mama knows this is one of the hardest parts of being a mama. Seeing your child sick and wanting to take all the uncomfort and pain away. Well thank God she is doing better today. I thought I would put out some quotes to you mama's out there to brighten up your day, Whether your caring for a sick child or just need a pick me up, here are some  :).

To all you moms our there, y'all are amazing women and nothing compares to the job you do raising your kids. I hope this at least brought a smile to your faces. Now some pics of my little angel:

at the docs waiting on whats wrong and cuddling with mama

awesome menthol bath to clear her up :) love her smile! 

Finally getting some sleep after being up for over 24 hours

I am happy so say that she is doing mountains better today and smiling more and more. She is such strong and wonderful daughter. I am so proud to be her mommy.

Well that's it for today. Y'all have a good one. GOD BLESS!

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