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Monday, September 10, 2012

Those too adorable awwwww moments!

Don't you love it when your child gives you those awww moments, that stop you in your tracks? Well I do, and Amelia gave a an ultimate adorable moment yesterday that led her to another first.

Her first DOLL!

The evening went like this. We had been at Amelia's new cousin's welcome home party, and poor Amy was in a crowded room with people she doesn't see very often, teething, hadn't had a good nap all day and had no room to play. So needless to say after 2 hours she had it. So we left and decided to go and eat. We stopped over at cracker barrel and, after she ate, let Amy run around the store. After touching all the singing toys she stopped over at the baby dolls. Now she has never had a interest in them until last night, so I was very interested to see what would happen. She saw another child playing with one and she jumped right in and started to play with them too. She rocked the baby dolls and then picked one and carried it around with her around the store. Now I usually don't just buy her anything she starts playing with in the store (or we would bee broke by now lol). But the kicker awwww moment happened... she picked up her doll...hugged it...then laid her head down on it and smiled. Oh, I had a total AWWWWWW moment! It was sold!

So Amelia now has a baby doll named Hannah and loves her.

Watching Mickey Mouse and holding hannah

Well there you go friends forever.



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