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Friday, September 28, 2012

My 15 month old cutie!

That's right my Amelia Bedlia, today you are 15 months of pure wonderful!

You have grown so much in one month that it just astounds me. 

You are now 25 1/2 pounds and are taller than any of the other 15 months old in our mommy and me group. 

You are talking more and more! So far your favorite words are: mom, dada, kitty, no, bye bye, and hey. 
You are going through a phase where you love to say no whether you mean it or not. 

You love to talk on the phone. All you do is babble, but you grandparents just love it!

Your favorite toys are your doll Hannah, your doll stroller, your puppy that sings and of course my IPad. It is so cute to watch you learn and play.

You adore animals! I mean it, as soon as an animal enters the room everyone else disappears. You call out to them trying to imitate the sounds they make. I love to hear you meow at the kitties.  

You have made BIG progress when it come to potty training. Mommy is so proud to say you are in pull ups and have already gone twice in the potty in the last two days!

You love books! This new and wonderful thing just make me so happy. You used to fuss during story time but now you bring me books to read to you and sit and listen. Your favorite book is Go Dog Go, and if it were up to you that is all what we would read to you. 

 You are sooo brave! You love to climb everything! We were so proud to see you climb all the way up to the biggest slide and have no fear sliding down.

You are obsessed with the outside. You love to run, stomp in puddles, play in dirt, swim in your pool, and anything that involves getting dirty and soaking up the sun. These fall days are perfect for us to spend the days outside and mommy and you love it. 

We took you to the pumpkin patch yesterday, Almost a year prior to your first visit and the difference is amazing! How did you grow so fast baby girl?

Mommy and daddy just can't get enough of your eyes, your smile, everything that is you. You brighten up our lives and we are so proud of you! Happy 15 months sweetie!

GOD BLESS! From the proudest mama on earth!

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