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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The scare of our lives!

Yesterday me and Jake had one of the worst scares of our lives. Jake was leaving to go to work and we called Amelia to come and say good bye to daddy. She ran towards us tripped and hit the corner of a door full force. The sound of the hit and her screams was sickening and terrifying. We ran to our baby and tried our best to console her. After a min she started to calm down a little, so I took the min to look at her head where she had hit. There I saw a knot and a green line on the left side of her head. I started getting really scared because before my eyes the knot was growing bigger and bigger by the second. I looked at Jake and almost at the same time we said ER. So we RAN back to the house (we were two doors down at his grandmothers house when all this happened.) I called her doctor on call and Jake called his boss. I put Amelia down to put the carseat in the car and finish and get the call back from her doctor.

I explain what happened. Her doctor said if the swelling had stopped (which it finally did) and to look for the signs of:  acting disoriented, throwing up and pupils differing from each other. No need to go to ER, she was going to be ok. I get off the phone with a sigh of relief. I go to tell Jake and there is our daughter giggling and running in the grass like nothing happened at all.



She is going to be ok!

I tell Jake what the doctor told me and we watch our daughter for the next hour. She runs, giggles, talks and is just perfect. Tears come to both of our eyes as we watched our daughter play. Oh how God is good! We prayed together, we prayed that our daughter would continue to do well, and most of all thanked him for her. As we finished we looked up at each other. Tears running down our cheeks. I knew that only God himself could match our love for our daughter. Jake call his boss and said her would be coming in after all. Jake picked Amelia up hugged her tight and kissed her goodbye.

 I watched Amelia the rest of the night. When went to bed the knot on her head was the size of a golf ball. This morning when Jake came home me and Amelia woke up and Jake and I proceeded to see how her head was doing.

The knot was GONE! All that is left is a little bruise.

I can't say this enough PRAISE GOD!!!!

Now did we overreact, probably. Are we overprotective, most likely. But she is our first and our whole world. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD!



  1. SO SO glad that she is okay!! I would have been super freaked out, too!!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to see your little girl!

    2. I sometimes wish I could just dress her in bubble wrap lol

  2. How terrifying for you guys, I am so, so happy she is ok! What a brave girl!


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