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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Today I am linking up with mackey madness for Sometime and Always!

Soo here we go!

Sometimes I link up with Sometimes and Always
Always It really makes me think lol

Sometimes I am really eager for Amelia to be potty trained
Always I know she will be ready in her own time

Sometimes I am ready for my family to move out and start out on our own
Always I know God will help it to happen when the time is right

Sometimes  I look up new weird recipes online and try and think about making them
Always I end up making old favorites mmmm.... got to love that spaghetti!

Sometimes when I am holding my nephew I miss when Amelia was that small
Always I wouldn't take back who she is for nothing. I LOVE the stage she is in right now.

Sometimes I think Amelia is the smartest baby
Always I am right she is as smart as a whip ( I might me a bit partial though lol)

Sometimes I worry about if Amelia is going to have enough clothes for the winter
Always the family and consignment sales come through ^^

Sometimes I hate this whole teething thing Amelia has to go through every couple of months
Always I am really excited to see when she finally cuts one

cooking while holding a very tired teething baby
Sometimes this blog become all about Amelia
Always I remember that is part of the reason I created it

Sometimes I have really exciting news that I really want to tell the world
Always I have to see if it pans out and it is in Gods plan before I can blab
( no I am not preggo, it is something totally different : P)

Sometimes I just sit and watch my husband play and play with our daughter
Always I am reminded how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life!


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