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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always :)

Today I am linking up with Mackeymadness for sometimes and always :)

Sometimes: I think it would be nice to have another child close in age with Amelia.
Always: When I watch our neighbors little boy (who is 3 months older than Amy) I am glad I only have one.

Sometimes: I get overwhelmed watching two babies during the week
Always: I am glad that she has a friend to play with

Sometimes: I really feel that my life is in a continuous rut
Always: God smacks me upside the head and reminds me that it is his plan not mine and things will get better

Sometimes: I slack on Amelia's potty training
Always: I can't wait until she is outta diapers

Sometimes: I think that there is no way you can make a pink doll stroller in to a boys toy
Always: Kaysen (the little boy I am watching) surprises me and races it around the house going VROOM VROOM! He cracks me up!

Sometimes: I think I cannot love my daughter anymore than I do now
Always: Everyday my love for her grows more and more! I love you my sweet baby girl!!!


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