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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 13 Month's Amelia!!!!

13 Month update :)

Age: 13 months

Weight: 24 Pounds

Length: 30 Inches long

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): 4 in diapers and 2t in 


Eyes: Hazel

Hair: brown and growing!

Sleeping: 9- 6am (yay through the night!)

Eating: Just about everything :)

Milestones: Copying everything we say, climbing, 


Memorable outings: Trips to the splash fountains 
and toddler time at the library 

Favorite toys/activities: Peek-a-boo and anything 

that has to do with water

Words/sounds: ba, dada, daddy, mama, dog dog, ca 

(trying to say cat)

Nicknames: Amy B, Amy,

Funny moments: You dancing, it is so funny cute at 

the same time, attaching yourself to your daddy and 

not letting go. 

Looking forward to: putting your hair in a pony tail, 

potty training, hearing you learn more and more 


Happy 13 Months my beautiful little angel!!!!



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