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Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy News...Bad Appointment

That's right people it was Doctor day at our house. Time for Amelia's 1 year check up and shots!

We got wonderful news but had the hardest time getting it.

You see back in May Amelia had to get some blood work done and it was a complete disaster! On the first appointment they tried 3 times to get a vein and couldn't get one. Then they told us to come back 2 days later for yet another try. Well long story short they couldn't get a vein and ended up getting the blood through her fingers.

Well since that unhappy little incident, she has been terrified of anyone in nurses or doctors uniform. I mean we can be walking through Walmart and her see a nurse and she will freak out.

So on to today's appointment.

We get there all happy and ready to have a good day,

 then the nurse opens the door and calls out "Amelia Anderson please", Amelia (not even out of the waiting room) lets out the biggest scream and cries all the way to our exam room. Now mind you the nurse has not even touched her yet.

 So here are her parents taking the walk of shame, trying to assure her that everything is ok, to the last exam room in the building. Yes that's right, they tried their best to put us where no-one could here her scream.

Well we get back to the exam room and Amelia is just pitiful. Poor baby is acting like the nurse is beating her, when all the poor lady is trying to do is get her height,weight, and temp. All the while me and Jake are trying our best to apologize and explain the blood drawing story. The sweet nurse says don't worry and smiles quickly leaving the room.

Well after the nurse leaves and Amy is sure there is no others in the room, besides her mama and daddy of course, she gets down from my arms and starts to play with one of the bead things that they always have in a doctors office.

Yes the bead toy can provide endless entertainment (wiped down of course) for a child

Well the doctor walks in, in the middle of Amy playing with it, and Amelia spots her. She is fine at first (the doctor is not wearing her coat) then it happens...Amelia spots her stethoscope and oh the tears! She bolts for me and Jake and the screaming begins. I explain to her wonderful, very patient doctor the blood drawing story and she understands right away. She quickly but very thoroughly gives Amelia her head to toe check up and then gave her back to Jake so he could calm her down.

sooo upset, but her daddy calmed her down with a hug a her favorite song

While he calmed her down me and the doctor discussed Amelia in full. 

She is in the 97% in height, 89% in weight, and is doing great developmentally! 

I have to say what wonderful news!!!!!

She is the perfect weight for her height and is the size of a 18 month old lol.

Her diet is great and the only other thing they suggested to to substitute one of her whole milk feeding with juice.  Easy enough :)

With that we discussed a few other issues and we waited on the dreaded 1 year shots to occur. 

Well  believe it or not that was the easiest part of the whole appointment! Amelia cried for all of 3 minutes and then she stopped the moment we left the office and smiled, the little goober.

All in all, I'd say a good appointment news wise :)

We are so blessed to have such a great doctor and nurse, I truly couldn't ask for any better. Both are kind, patient, experienced, and just darn good at their job!
I would like to say Thank you to all you nurses and doctors ourt there (especially those who work with children) because you have the hardest jobs and take it with a smile even though your patient doesn't. Thank you!!!


oh little side note: If anyone has any advise on how to get our daughter less terrified of the doctor it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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