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Monday, December 17, 2012

Loving our mornings!

I have this blog mostly as a journal, to look back at a later date and remember all the memories with my sweet angel. Yup every once in a while i get off on a rant, but mostly I want this to be like a memory box.

Today's memory I want to share is mine and Amelia's mornings. Our mornings have been about the same for at least the last 8 months maybe longer. 

6:30 to 7:30: Amelia wakes up right beside me and her father and says "hey" to us first thing. She rolls over smiles and hugs us both. I truly love this. Can you think of a better way to start your day then a hug from your daughter? I can't. 

7:45: After lots of hugs a kisses, me and Amelia usually let her daddy sleep in and we head down stairs to start our day. First thing I sit her on the couch and she plays with our cat Tigger, while I warm her up a sippie cup of milk. She loves her milk! Then mommy turns on mickey mouse club house and we sit and share a bowl of cereal and snuggle. 

8:45:  We either get up and get ready for a play date or we start play time at home. We almost always have the Disney Junior in the background. She looks up and watches every once and a while, but mostly we snuggle, sing our songs together and play play play! 

By 9:30 we are defiantly getting ready for the day by now and daddy is up. 

So there you go. Our wonderful mornings! For now they are just very simple and just perfect. Plenty of snuggle and play time with just mommy and Amy. I do have to say I do love them so!

Funny tid bit: Amelia started to sing the hot dog song yesterday. It was the cutest thing!


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