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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A year and a half!!!!

WHAT?! Your already 18 months! Oh my gosh my little angel is growing up so fast. You are growing smarter, taller, sweeter, lovely... oh the list could go on and on.

You have had such a busy month! There was so many new things you did this month. Oh where to start...


  • You attended a friends birthday party ( your first time attending a party that wasn't family). You did great!

  • Had a allergy test only to learn you aren't allergic to anything at all! The test sucked, but you my brave angel, perked up with in a couple of minutes. I couldn't of been any prouder of you that day!

  • You have started to show fear and bravery in different situations. You show bravery in climbing and trying new things. Also in loving all different types of animals including reptiles and lizards! But showing fear in dogs barking and large crowds of adults.  You have also started hiding behind me and your fathers legs as well. I am just glad you trust us to protect you. We always will.

  • You are starting to really understand what we are telling you. We finally found a way discipline you that actually works. We tell you no, then we get down on your level  and explain why we are telling you no and that this is a warning. We also tell you that if you do try it again you will get a pop on the butt. I am happy to say you really seem to be responding well to this. You rarely get popped. I also can see in your face and manurisms that you are weighing out what we just said. How smart is that?! You almost always go and find something else to do. I am very proud of you baby!

  • Yup that's right you took your first bowling trip this month too. Oh how you loved it! You bowl better than your mommy baby girl! I love all the new things we are now able to do with you. 

  • You have become a major cuddle bug! You have also started hugging. And I do mean hugging. You call them "heys". It is so adorable! You will reach up wrap your arms around me, squeeze and say "hey". Your daddy has always said the same thing to you ever since you were born. How amazing that you now return the hug. :) 

  • You saw your first snow this year and were amazed (even though it was from a over-sized snow-cone machine on a building, it was real to you). Oh mommy loved seeing you play and ahhh at that snow. 

  • You saw Santa for the second time...needless to say you weren't his biggest fan lol. 

  • However as soon as we were outta of santa's sight you went right back to having the time of your life!
  • Food: You love granola bars! You eat one every morning with your morning milk. Other than that and not having to worry about allergies, there is nothing new to report.
  • Sleep: Well when you arn't sick you have really taken to sleeping all night in your crib. We just gotta get rid of that cough.
  • Baths: You either love bubble baths or just plain showers. Mommy and daddy love the fact that you now love showers. It is so much easier to rinse you off now! However seeing you splash in a bubble bath is always priceless!

HAPPY 18 Month's Amelia! Mommy is so proud of you and how much you have grown. You are mommy and daddy's whole world! We love you!


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