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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012 and 13 hopes for 2013

Please someone tell me where did this year go! What all happened? Well...

My daughter turned from a little baby to a rambunctious toddler.

I gained a new little nephew!

And found out that I will soon have another niece or nephew

Me and Jake have argued, fussed, hugged, kissed more this year than any other. We have grown in our love for each other . And I wouldn't rather go though this with anyone but him  :)

* We finally came up with a plan for our future, and have started towards that plan
*Amelia has learned how to walk and talk
*Amelia's first birthday!
*We have decided on a church 
*Amelia went to her first aquarium!

Well it has been a crazy year but a blessed one at that!

My 13 Hopes for 2013

*Potty train Amelia
*Finish getting outta of debt
*Support Jacob as he finishes his first certificate in Aerospace
*Get Amelia off the pacifier
*Start getting our lives together for our own house (maybe get a part-time job)
*Work on words with Amelia an hour a day
*Work on keeping our marriage fresh and happy
*Lose 30 pounds 
*Teach Amelia how to swim
*Take a overnight vacation just me and Jake
*Go to the beach or Gatlinburg for a family vacation!
*Enroll in college and finish my CPA
*Grow closer to God and teach Amelia all about him and his wonders. As well as go to church every Sunday possible.

Wow it looks like I have a busy year ahead of me!


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