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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Amelia although I love how sweet and goofy you are in the morning can we move the wake up time from 6am to maybe 7am. 

Dear Job I really want could you please please post the job so I can apply for it already pleeease.

  Dear little boy next door, Amelia loves to play with you, thank you for getting over your fear of the sprinkler and having fun yesterday. Amelia had a blast too!

Dear husband it sucks that you keep getting called in to work on the day's I have a ton of stuff planned, I know it's not your fault, it just sucks! 

Dear Mama I had the best time with you and Jessy last night! Thank-you for the wonderful birthday dinner!!!! 

Dear Amelia even though you have been getting me up at the crack of dawn I love to watch you while you nap, your so adorable and peaceful. 

Dear Everyone, Have a blessed day!!!!


  1. She is such a sweet little sleeper!! Hopefully you start getting that extra hour every morning!!

  2. amelia is absolutely beautiful! i have a one year old brother and just love to watch him sleep :) also, good luck on the job!


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