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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

22 Months!!!!!

Ahhhh!!! Two more months until you turn 2!!! Oh my gosh baby girl, stop growing up so fast!

You weigh 29 1/2 pounds and since we are still in limbo with your doctor, I am waiting to see how much taller you are babe.

You are a talker all right! You love to do everything from whisper secrets in to me and daddy's ears to yelling mama and dada at the top of your lungs. It is so funny to watch and so amazing to hear all the new words you learn throughout the week! Lets see... How many words do you know now? Well...
  • Bless you
  •  eyes
  •  nose 
  •  toes
  •  thank-you
  •  hello 
  • dog
  • no
  • duck
  • moo
  •  meow
  •  bye
  •  mom
  •  dad
  •  paw paw
  •  yucky
  • fish
  • Uh oh 
  • Wow
  • Stop
  • go
  • good
  • done
  • sorry
  • ewew
  • bite
  • stuck
  • baby
  • up
  • down
  • shoes
  • tickle
  • hot
  • nonnie
  • sass (sassy)
  • yaya
  • tickle
  • night night*
  • ok*
  • nee nee*
  • please*
  • hungry*
  • kiss*
  • two*
  • three*
  • ball*
  • this *
  • here*
  • car*
  • nee nee*
  • down stairs*
  • help*
  • cookie*
  • come*
  • horse*
  • mouse* 
  • got it*

That's right my smart cookie! You have learned 20 new words! Which brings you up to 57 Words in all!!! Also, like it said last month, you love to babble. I swear its like you have your own language. I could and do listen to it all day long!

Mom let me tell you all about this duck right here!

So let me tell you the latest gossip on the playground.

Potty training? : Not yet. You are great at going when I set you on the potty, but you just won't tell me when you have to go. I am chalking it down to you are just not ready yet. And you know what? That is ok! We will get there when we get there.

Paci?: Same thing. You are just not ready to give it up completely. You might not be for a while. However, we don't give it to you lately unless you ask for it.

Eating: Oh you LOVE to eat! Your favorite foods: Watermelon, cookies, Apples, salad, and chicken! Your Dislikes: raw veggies, roast. I really couldn't think of anything else lol. You are just a good eater.

Sleeping: Lets just say this month hasn't been your best sleeping month. 9 times outta 10 you are in bed with us by 1am. They way I look at it, is that you won't be sleeping with up at 16, so why worry.

Playing: You have been such a goofball this month. New funny faces. Actually trying to make mommy and daddy laugh. Which I have to say you are great at! We love you blossoming personality, it is all you and so wonderful!

You have also really enjoyed mommy and me. We go to play-dates frequently and you have made alot of little friends. You
Whats New?????

You finally enjoyed swinging this month! You hate the baby swing. For some reason it scares you to death. Solution? You love the swing when you sit on mommy's and daddy's laps! It is so amazing how you light up and you giggle is to die for! We now spend at least half of our playground time at the swings!

We also went to the botanical gardens and watched the butterfly release. Lets just say you were not enthused! In your words butterfly's are "bugs" and "ewwww". Lol you may have not like them but they loved you. It is because you are so sweet!

First ride on the lawn mower!: That's right my little country girl, you finally got to ride with Paw-paw on the riding lawn mower. I don't know who laughed or smiled more, you or your Paw-paw. It was so sweet to see you both so happy. Now everyday you run to the riding lawn mower and ask for a ride.

Pony tail!!!: Yes!!! After months of waiting I can finally start putting that thick gorgeous hair in a pony tail! I really think all girl mamas dream of the day that they can do their child's hair.  I know I did. You look so much more grown up with it up. It keeps that wild hair from getting in you face and from fluffing up. I absolutely love it!

before and after...yes this is the same day :)

First renaissance fair!:Although it rained and rained and rained, it was still a big first! Especially since your mommy and daddy met in a Renn club 9 years ago. I am so happy we got to share this with you! I can't wait until our next fair, hopefully there will be less rain then lol!

Amy it has been a busy month but a great one! As always you are mommy's and daddy's biggest blessing! We love you so very much baby girl!

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