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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tips on plane travel with a toddler/baby

Oh yes you read right, two words that don't belong together: Plane Travel and Toddler! However here is the good news. It is possible, if you plan accordingly.


* Pack Light
I found out this one the out the hard way. I packed a huge stroller, a diaper bag, carryon, and my purse. I can honestly say all this with a wiggly toddler is overkill. I suggest you bring a small umbrella stroller, combine purse and diaper bag, and last if at all possible pack everything on your checked bag.

* Research Whats Free
For example, my first plane trip I had no idea that:
  -- your car seat is checked free
  -- your child under 2 flys free
  -- Your diaper bag nor your purse doesn't count as a carry on
  -- As long as your stroller folds it isn't counted as well
  -- You can bring liquid formula/ breast milk and no longer have to "test" it yourself.

* Cover your carseat!
You can either buy a carseat cover at babies r us for cheep and it is worth it. Last time we flew and used the provided "cover" the airline gives you (more like a trash bag) we ended up with some rips in our cover 

* Bring Snacks and at least 2 empty sippie cups 
Your child is going to get hungry, especially with layovers. It is a lot cheaper and tastier if you have their favorite fruit or goldfish instead of those stale airline peanuts. As far as empty sippie cups. You aren't allowed to take any liquids through security (excluding breast milk and formula), so fill them up with what ever you child drinks before you get on that plane. Believe me you don't have any room to coordinate when you get in that seat.  Also when you are in the lobby you might want to buy something that you can drink as well. I know those drink on the plane are free, but they are open and trying to juggle them and a toddler is guaranteeing  a spill.

*Be the last to board
I know when you get to the airport you are anxious to get in that seat, but believe me the less time in that plane you spend with a toddler the easier. An extra plus, 9 times outta 10 there are extra seats and after everyone had boarded, you and your toddler can have two seats all to yourselves. Totally worth it!

* Bring non electronic toys
Another lesson I learned the hard way. You cannot break our the ipad or cell phone until you are 10000 ft in the air. That gives you at least 20min interval flying up and landing. So in those intervals bring some favorite books, coloring books, and simple toys.

*Plan for naptime
I made sure to plan at least on of the plane trips around when my daughter would be sleeping. It was so nice to spend one of the two plane trips with a sleeping child.

*Bring a change of clothes and extra diapers (self explanatory)

* Map out the airports you will be in.
Especially if you have a layover this tip is a big help. It was such a big help to know where the places were to eat, where our gate was, and where the play area was.

Well I hope this will help at least one of you in the future!

Of course if all else fails your toddler could always play with their shoes : )


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