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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Back :)

To start off. I would like to say I missed all this. I missed blogger. I missed facebook. I missed all the adorable pics.  I missed all the new babies.

 However I enjoyed the time I had with my family and especially my awesome God this lent season. I have enjoyed the extra snuggles with my husband and  the mommy and me naps with my sweet girl. I have enjoyed not being tied to my phone or the internet. I have enjoyed using the extra time connecting and spending quality time with our Amazing God.  

 I have also come to the realization that in the past i spend way to much time on social media sights.I would posting about  I have also made the decision to limit the time I spend on these sights. So my posts will probably only be twice a week. I hope to use this sight for documentation of Amy's life and to get advice from other moms.

Posts to come:
Amy's 20 and 21 months update'
Amy's 2nd Easter
Tips on traveling on a plane with a toddler
Texas 2013
A toddler with asthma
and more to come :)

Glad to be back! God Bless!

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