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Friday, April 5, 2013

A double update! Amy turns 20 and 21 months old!!

During lent I missed updating on both 20 and 21 months.

Height: 33 inches and 29 pounds You are one tall pretty little girl!

Oh Amy you are become such a active, talkative,sweet toddler. You are growing so much right before my eyes. I can't believe the changes.

*Lets start with those words baby. You learn a new word every week it just amazes me! 17 new words baby! 37 words in all!!! I am so proud of you!

  • Bless you
  •  eyes
  •  nose 
  •  toes
  •  thank-you
  •  hello 
  • dog
  • no
  • duck
  • moo
  •  meow
  •  bye
  •  mom
  •  dad
  •  paw paw
  •  yucky
  • fish
  • Uh oh 
  • Wow
  • Stop
  • go
  • good
  • done
  • sorry
  • ewew
  • bite
  • stuck
  • baby
  • up
  • down
  • shoes
  • tickle
  • hot
  • nonnie
  • sass (sassy)
  • yaya
  • tickle
When you are not saying these you are the master at babbling and trying to talk to us. You could and do babble all day. I love those conversations.

*Potty training AND Taking away the paci: Ehhh we let it go for now. With finding out about your asthma (a whole nother post to come). A two week trip to Texas, and teething. We decided you had enough on that plate. However get ready, that paci is going to start disappearing soon.

*Sleeping: You have graduated to a toddler bed!! Yup, no more side rail for you kid. You are free to run around your room. Also, you have kicked that 10pm bedtime to the curve and have gone back to sleeping from 8:30 pm to 7 am with a two hour nap at 1 pm. Honestly mommy loves your new sleeping schedule. Especially since you have gone back to sleeping all night in your crib! I only wish your video baby monitor didn't die this week. We can now only hear you. Mommy and daddy now secretly check on you  2-3 times a night even though we have a audio video monitor. Yup we are still first time parents :)

*Eating: You LOVE to eat! You especially love whole apples! They are your favorite snack at the moment. You also love your veggie/fruit juice. I am also proud to say you are not a picky eater on most days. You love everything from fish to steak and from broccoli to carrots.

*Playing: You still love to play. However this month you have started really playing pretend. You pretend with your barbies, your baby doll, even a rag. It is too adorable! I love seeing you use that imagination. You have also really gotten into tea parties. It is a dream to have tea parties with my daughter. It makes me so happy. You have also become very gentle with animals lately and that is a big relief. You are starting to understand "be gentle"." Last as far as playing is  you love to read! We could read books all day and you would be happy. Your favorites at the moment are: Go Dog Go and Its Time for Bed.

*New: The big new the last couple of months is you testing those boundaries. Oh me and your daddy are trying our best to find the perfect way to discipline you. It is a live and learn situation and we are all defiantly learning. It is a struggle at the moment, but we will get the hang of this soon right? Well until then I know it is an annoying one but it is a milestone so hooray for that.

*New: Another new for you is your independence. You no longer cling to mommy as much. Which is good, seeing as she will be in school next month 3 days a week for 8 hours a day. Talk about an adjustment. I think the longest I have ever been away from you is 3 hours. You are ready though. You are really enjoying the time with your daddy. And are already starting to have a opinion on what you wear. I enjoy letting you pick out your outfits. It is also always fun to see what shoes you bring me that day.

*Copying: You love to copy me and your dad. It is so funny to see you trying to put on mommies bras, or to pretend to put on make up. You sing along with us in the car. You follow your dad's foot steps all around the house. It is just a joy to watch you go.

Well that's it until next month baby girl! As always Mommy and Daddy love and adore you. We can't wait to see what is coming ahead. 


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