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Friday, October 12, 2012

Watching and helping your baby learn :)

We are so in a learning stage in our house. I mean I know that your baby is always learning but now Amelia is really interested in it. First of all she has come to LOVE her board books. She is always either bringing us a book or trying to read on herself. In the mist of all this reading, me and her daddy want to encourage it as much as possible. So we made her a reading nook.

Jake's mom bought us a black and white castle tent when I was pregnant with Amy (at first she was sure we were having a boy lol). Well I got that out of storage and preceded to set it up. Then me and Jake added her little couch, a cozy blanket and all her books. It is truly adorable to watch her crawl in there and try and read to herself. All the babbling just makes me smile! I am so happy to see our little girl wanting to learn.

hmmm I wonder what it tastes like?

Another awe learning moment today happened later in the morning.

She has been so adorable dancing to the songs daddy and mommy sing to her. I really didn't think she was listening to the words...until today!

We sing several songs to her from her ABC's to Jesus Loves me but lately her favorite song is Head, shoulders, knees and toes (her pink dogs sings it over and over lol)

This morning we are singing the songs to her and having a random dance party when she walks right up to me and points to my nose and says nose (which is one of her favorite words). Then she points to my eyes and says eyes. She has never said this before. Talk about a wow moment! Not only has she learned a new word, she knows what it means! I am one proud mommy :) I love having somewhere to be able to share this. :)

Needless to say, I we are going to keep encouraging and praising this wonderful new phase. I think we are also going to start buying some new puzzles and mega blocks for her to play with as well!


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  1. Oh my gosh, the little reading tent is so cute!! What a great idea!


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