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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Toddler room Ideas..hmmm....

Yup we are getting to that milestone. The one where Amelia is needing a toddler room instead of a nursery. We have begun trying to climb out of our crib  and it is time to convert to a toddler bed. Right now her room is done in baby stuff and mostly Winnie the Pooh. Now the question is what to change her room into. Her nonnie has already got her a beautiful sign that says Princess in distressed pink, so I know we are defiantly going pink here. I am obviously thinking princess but I don't want characters (you know like sleeping beauty and ariel). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Disney, but who want to be in a room where everywhere you look there is someone else looking at you? Not me. So I am looking for something that is more simple but girly.

Here is her current nursery(well a older picture of it when it is all fixed up lol):

Pretty right? Ya I think so. :)

But now I am looking for new decor and bedding to turn that into a pink girly toddler princess room. Yes I may be a little excited about this.

Now I am not looking at beds or furniture, just a new blanket, bedding set, curtains and rug. Her bed turns into a toddler bed and her furniture is super sturdy and will grow with her.

Here are some ideas I am looking at:

Well tell me your opinion. Do you like it? 



  1. Your hilarious- now that you mention it, I definitely would not like people staring at me in my room! ha. I love your ideas!

  2. I absolutely love those curtains!! Those are SO SO cute!! I like things like that that don't really have a "theme" because they are easier to change up and can last longer!!


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