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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

17 months!!!

I can't believe it! My darling girl is already 17 months old!

Whats new?
  • You are 28 pounds and 32 inches long! Growing more and more everyday! You are thinning out but growing taller and taller!
  • You have actually started having conversations with real people on the phone. You can talk up to 10 minutes of pure babble. The family just loves it!
  • Speaking of talking, you are trying to say new words every day! You can defiantly tell us what a cow and a cat says. (funny note: you think horses say moo no matter what any one tells you).
  • You still love books! I have even started taking them on car trips with us. If it were up to you all we would do all day is read. Mommy and daddy absolutely love this! 

  • You are starting to like more veggies! A personal victory for your mama :) You have started eating carrots, corn, onions and celery! You personal favorites are still green beans and sweet potatoes though.  

  • You also had your first Popsicle and pudding cup this week! 

Needless to say you loved both!
  • You had your second thanksgiving this year and were a dream. You played with all you older cousins and had a blast!

  • You know where your eyes, ears and nose are and now have learned where your toes and hair are. 
  • You can now follow simple commands and are trying to communicate more and more with us everyday.
  • You have started to really mommy your stuffed animals. You rock them and put them in your stroller. You even try and give them your paci.

  • Speaking of trying to be a mommy, you so want to baby your cousin so much. You don't understand why you can't pick him up or feed him. You give him kisses all the time and try to play with him (when you are not busy being  jealous lol).
  • You love to be in onesies. You will only sleep in them and prefer to be in them than anything else.
  • You are down to one nap a day! It is usually a hour to a hour and a half, but you have started going to bed at 8:30 religiously and get up at 6:30 to 7 am every morning.  
  • You continue to be the silliest girl on two legs. You love to spin and squeal (cracks me and your daddy up). You try and chase us around and tickle us. You are simply a joy to be around.

God bless from a very proud mommy!

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